TRUGLO Archer’s Choice Range Rover 1-Pin Bow Sight


All of the rugged dependability and performance you have come to know and love with a few extra bells and whistles make the Archer’s Choice Range Rover a top contender among single pin bow sights. The AC features TRUGLO’s brightest fiber optic pin ever for superior low light performance and a super smooth bracket for easy one hand adjustments. The adjustable yardage stop allows you to customize your maximum yardage setting for lightning fast settings. Add in the micro-adjustable windage with a tool-less lock and you have one deadly single pin sight. This slider sight model features the ZERO-IN adjustment dial wheel to make your yardage changes. All of these features make the Range Rover a simple, deadly accurate sight.


-Sight housing accepts 1.87″ scope lens (sold separately)
-Includes over 40 pre-marked yardage tapes to simplify setup
-Quiver can be mounted directly to bracket
-Ultra-smooth bracket for easy one-hand adjustment
-Extra long, fully protected wrapped fiber