Trophy Taker X-Treme Pro Drop-Away Arrow Rest


Trophy Taker’s PRO Series drop-away arrow rests are full of features that are wrapped up in a sleek, lightweight, and compact package. However, hardcore bowhunters will be happy to know that Trophy Taker did not let some fancy contours compromise their commitment to durability.


-Cable Driven
-Precision built, all-metal construction means this rest can take -whatever your hunt dishes out
-Full containment so your arrow is ready when you are
Built-in sound silencing solutions ensure the rest won’t give you away
-Installs in minutes, no bow press needed
-Stainless steel launcher and axle that pivot inside super smooth dual bearings
-Configured for attachment to the buss cable
-Full capture containment ring with one-way rubber loading gate
-Super quiet custom rubber over molded ring
-Built-in launcher dampeners and other silencing solutions
-Quick and easy cord length adjustments
-Quick install with the Buss Stop cable clamp (included)