Tight Spot 5-Arrow Quiver RISE


The Tight Spot RISE 5 Arrow quiver is geared directly toward the treestand hunter. The RISE comes with a loop on the hood to easily hang the quiver in the tree and is four inches shorter than the original, which makes for a more compact and maneuverable design. The RISE also comes standard with a secondary gripper. This gripper is attached to the carbon rods near the hood and allows the user to secure their arrow in two places while the tip of the arrow is covered inside the hood. This allows the broadheads to float in the hood without touching anything which ensures sharp fixed blade heads or expandables that are ready to go.


-Compact and maneuverable design
-Easily hang quiver in the tree
-Secondary gripper
-Covered hood allows broadheads to float in the quiver
-Kills vibration
-Holds arrows tight
-Weighs 11 oz.
-Hood to gripper 14 3/4″
-16 1/2″ long