TenPoint Havoc RS440 ACUslide Crossbow Garmin Xero X1i Package


The TenPoint Havoc RS440 ACUslide Crossbow Garmin Xero X1i Package is the fastest compact crossbow with one of the most advanced scopes ever. The included Xero X1i has a mind of its own and it scientifically driven to provide you with the best accuracy possible. This crossbow features an integrated range touch pad to ensure you do not have to take your eyes off your target when trying to find its distance. The elevated custom cheek piece provides the perfect eye level alignment with the Xero X1i scope. It features a custom pocket integrate cable into stock to prevent snagging. Its micro-trac barrel reduces string to rail contact by an incredible 50%. This helps improve accuracy and provides string life in excess of 1000 shots. The S1 trigger has a 2 stage, zero creep design that features a roller sear system that sets a new standard in high performance crossbow accuracy. The ACUslide cocking and de-cocking system provides silent cocking and safe de-cocking. The adjustable butt plate provides 1-inch length-of-pull adjustment.


-440 FPS
-Only 26.5 in. in length
-7.5″ Axle to axle when cocked
-Micro-Trac Barrel
-S1 Trigger