Spyderco Murray Carter Itamae Series Nakiri Fixed Blade Knife 7.28″ Plain Clip Point Laminated Steel Satin Blade G-10 Handle Brown


The Spyderco Murray Carter Itamae Series Nakiri 7.25″ Burl G-10 Fixed Blade Knife’s unique rectangular shape and slightly upturned edge make it the perfect tool for precisely push-cutting all kinds of vegetables. The knife’s blade shape also allows its length to remain consistent after years of sharpening. It is expertly crafted from laminated steel consisting of an Aogami Super Blue core clad between layers of SUS410 stainless steel. The classic three-layer construction allows the outer layers to protect and support the ultra-hard carbon-steel center layer that forms the blade’s edge. Ground exceptionally thin and straight for unparalleled cutting performance, the blade also features Murray Carter’s signature “Carter Elbow,” a distinctive taper from the spine to the point that reinforces the blade’s tip.


SUS410 Stainless Steel

“Carter Elbow” taper

G-10 handles