SME Bullseye Camera Systems Sniper Edition 1 Mile Target Camera System


The SME Bullseye Camera Systems Sniper Edition 1 Mile Target Camera System is an all in one unit; built-in camera, high definition video, Wi-Fi transmitter, integrated battery charging system, and most importantly; a one mile range for long range shooters. The camera system features a weather resistant construction, easy to mount base with serrated gripping feet for leveled use, and LED illumination for use in low level light conditions. The Sight-In 1 Mile Target Camera System is a supreme system for shooters who need a sleek, compact, and tactical camera system for measuring and managing their performance at the range.


1 Mile range
High Definition at 960P
Adjustable Wi-Fi transmitter with removable long range wi-fi receiver
Built-in, locking cantilever
Cantilever has 90º tilt-n-lock, and rotation for line of sight
Wi-Fi transmitter LED indicator for power and signal strength
Easy on/off switch
Wi-Fi independent charging system
1/4″ standard camera tripod mount (tripod not included)
Built-in camera sun-shade
LED illumination for low light conditions
Flip up telescoping legs for angled use 15º to 25º
Base has serrated gripping feet for level use
Weather resistant construction
Green identifying highlights

Download the free Bullseye Target Manager App to your mobile device (available on GooglePlay or Apple App Store) to seamlessly pair to the Target Camera System on-board Wi-Fi to view shot placement in real time!