Scott Archery Longhorn Hex 2-Finger Handheld Bow Release


    Tournament archers and many hunters prefer hand-held releases because they are designed to shoot using your back muscles. They also provide for more consistent anchoring. There are two styles of hand-held releases – back tension and thumb button which is a triggered hand-held release.

    The Scott Archery Longhorn Hex is a back tension style release that is a perfect option for someone wanting to learn to shoot this style of bow release. The two-finger design has an open, ergonomic full-radius handle with a pivoting roller design that allows the archer to comfortably draw their bow without the concern of a premature misfire. The patented rope connector allows for infinite length adjustment and the included wrist strap makes sure you will not loose this release. If you want to be the most accurate shooter afield, you’ll shoot a Longhorn Hunter Series release!


    -Perfect release for learning back tension
    -Two finger design
    -Pivoting roller design to help prevent premature misfires
    -Rope attachment with wrist strap