Ravin Electric Drive Crossbow Cocking System


The Ravin Electric Drive System will change the way crossbows are viewed moving forward, allowing an ultra-easy cocking and uncocking experience that can be quickly learned and utilized. Compatible with the new R500 Series, the Electric Drive Kit includes a unit that attaches to the back of the stock, allowing users to cock and uncock the crossbow back with the push of a button. The unit is designed to be quickly detachable if you want to store it in your pack or pocket while out in the field. The battery is easily removed from the unit for charging or swapping out with a backup battery. The kit comes with the unit, charger and one battery. For use with R500 Series only.


-Cocks and uncocks the crossbow with the push of a button
-Attaches and Detaches to Stock
-High performance 12-volt Lithium Battery
-Kit inclusive of Electric Drive Unit, Battery and Charger
-For use with R500 Series Only

Made In United States of America