Nockturnal Predator Lighted Crossbow Bolt Nock Pack of 3


With today’s high performance crossbows it can often be difficult to track the flight of your arrow. The engineers at Nockturnal solved this problem with the Predator Lighted Crossbownock. Designed specifically for today’s high speed crossbows, this lighted nock utilizes a durable plunger design that reliably activates at the shot and a lithium battery which provides 20+ hours of run time allowing you to find your arrow even the following day. Now you can see your impacts and quickly retrieve your fired arrows, making you a better and more efficient hunter. This nock is designed to function as a half moon, capture and flat nock all in one.


-Reliable Nockturnal nock
-Half moon, capture nock, flat nock all in one
-Exclusive Patent pending bow string activated linear switch
-Long Life Lithium Battery
-Super Bright LEDs for superior illumination
-One Piece Lightweight Construction
-Water and WeatherProof
-Unsurpassed Reliability

-Small/Size 1: Bolts with diameter smaller than .295″
-Large/Size 2: Bolts with diameter larger than .297″