NAP Thunderhead Nitro Crossbow Broadhead 100 Grain Pack of 3


The NAP Thunderhead Nitro is the perfect broadhead for fixed blade broadhead shooters who demand extreme accuracy and ruggedness. Featuring all-steel construction and 1-1/16” ultra-sharp blades, it is designed to take down the biggest game animals around. Made in the USA for the fastest and most powerful bows and crossbows available.

The Thunderhead Nitro is a 100% American made fixed blade broadhead featuring 3 ultra-sharp blades that deliver a 1 1/16″ cutting diameter. All steel construction means incredible durability and thanks to the Nitro’s low profile you can expect pinpoint accuracy from even the fastest bows and crossbows.


-All Steel Construction
-1 1/16 inch ultra sharp blades
-Works for both Compound and Crossbows