NAP Quikfletch Quikspin Heartland Bowhunter Vanes 2″ All White Fletching System Pack of 6


If you can boil water, you can have professional looking crested arrows with the QuickFletch system from NAP. The Quickfletch is the easiest way to fletch your arrows, either at home or in the field, and will shrink to fit any size carbon or aluminum arrow. Simply hold the fletchings in place and dip into boiling water and the tube will instantly shrink down and create a bond with any arrow shaft. Couple This with NAP’s Quickspin SpeedHunter vanes and you have an attractive and deadly combination. Now you can show your support for the Heartland Bowhunter crew with the HB series arrow wraps.


-Featuring the Heartland Bowhunter logo on the arrow wrap
-White wrap with 3 white vanes