Magpul SL Stock HK MP5, SP5, HK94 Polymer Black


Product Overview

The Magpul SL Stock – HK94/MP5 delivers the modern qualities found in the original MOE SL Carbine Stock for AR15/M4 carbines to MP5-pattern rifles. Durable, lightweight, and collapsible, the SL incorporates Magpul design and engineering to provide a robust feature set, all while maintaining the iconic aesthetic of the platform.


Constructed of proprietary polymer and featuring an ergonomic adjustment system that makes it easy to deploy and collapse, the SL Stock is extremely durable and user friendly. With an integrated QD Sling Mount, it provides sling mounting options to accommodate your kit. Included with the Magpul SL Stock is a standard SL Butt-Pad that can be removed to allow use of the checkered butt-plate for an even more streamlined shoulder contact point. It is also compatible with the MOE SL Enhanced Rubber Butt-Pad to allow for a variety of options.


Note: NOT compatible with HK91/G3 pattern firearms or “K-Length” receivers