LaserMax Spartan Weapon Light LED with Laser Sight Picatinny-Style Rail Mount Matte


    Capitalizing on the most visible wavelength in the color spectrum, Spartan Light & Laser delivers 120 Lumens of ground breaking LED Light and quickly adapts to a multitude of rail platforms with exclusive Rail Vise Technology. Lasers come in vivid red or daytime green. This is LaserMax’s first offering that used readily available AAA battery. Spartan Light & Laser packs a vital target identification and illumination capabilities into the smallest housing available today. Protected by a 5 year warranty,

    The Spartan Light & Laser features a preservation mode that automatically deactivates the laser after a ten minute period of inactivity, safeguarding against unintentional battery drain. Dual electronic touch pads enable both left and right-handed shooters to activate the laser with ease. User programmable for a steady or high-visibility pulsed beam, Spartan is fully adjustable for windage and elevation, ensuring the most precise targeting over all shooting distances.


    • Advanced mounting technology provides the perfect fit
    • AAA Battery Powered
    • LED Light emitting diode adjustable from 120-4 Lumens
    • Auto-off after 10 min preserves battery power
    • Over-sized electronic touch pads ensure effortless activation