Garmin Xero A1i Pro Electronic Bow Sight


The Garmin Xero A1i Pro bow sight leaves the guesswork behind. Setting up this auto-ranging digital sight is simple and intuitive with micro adjustments for elevation, windage and more. Enter your arrow speed, and automatically get a pin stack out to your bow’s maximum distance. The dynamic level feature delivers leveling information right next to the pin, so you don’t have to shift focus to see if your shot is level. Quick detach makes it easy to remove the sight for travel, then reattach it to its original position in seconds. This sight also features second-axis adjustment, a silent trigger for full-draw or at-rest ranging, customizable arrow profiles and dual-color LEDs. To help track your game or arrows, the Laser Locate waypoint projection feature works with compatible Garmin devices to show you exactly where the target was located when the shot or range was taken. Some jurisdictions regulate or prohibit the use of electronic bow sights for hunting. Always know and obey all state hunting regulations before using this device.