Competition Electronics ProTimerBT Shot Timer with Bluetooth


The Competition Electronics ProTimerBT shot timer with built-in Bluetooth and numerous feature enhancements has taken all the best parts of the Pocket Pro II design and added improvements to make the ProTimerBT the most sophisticated timer on the market. Now you can get more useful practice session information with the simple built-in user interface, or the PTLink mobile app. You have the flexibility to collect and review all your shot data at the range right from the timer display and import it to the PTLink app at any time. You can even add notes and attach a photo of your targets to each shot string. Requires one 9volt alkaline or lithium battery for operation (not included) for 25 hours of operation.

Operating Temperature: 30-110 degrees Fahrenheit
Accuracy: +/- .01 seconds
Max # of Shots Per String: 70
Max # of Strings in Memory: 50
Max # of Rounds per Minute: 1800
Max # of Par Time Beeps: 5
Start Delay Range: .1 to 9.90 seconds
Max Time Limit: 199.9 seconds before wraparound

Low power BLE Bluetooth connectivity for connection to mobile devices and the FREE PTLink app to catalog your range session data as well as Bluetooth Integration with PractiScore apps
ProTimerBT firmware updates/upgrades for FREE via the PTLink app.
Built-in 50 string memory and on-screen review, numbered in chronological order with date/time stamp.
Built-in Hit Factor (points per second) scoring on-screen, after shooting a stage you can navigate to the scoring screen and enter your “points down” to get your hit factor. Once you have entered your total stage points, it is carried over to new strings until you change it
Up to 5 Par time settings for multiple beeper alerts at specified time intervals
Increased sensitivity capability that can pick up the snap of a finger
Start signal LED, bright white 850mcd LED can be used for an alternative start signal. Excellent for hearing impaired or a private practice session. This can be disabled via the menu settings
3.5mm headset jack with adjustable volume, now you can use a set of earbuds (not included) instead of the beeper so others don’t hear the timer