Black Gold Ascent Verdict Whitetail Bow Sight with Zero-Out .019″ Pin Bow Sight Diameter Right Hand Aluminum Black


The Ascent Verdict by Black Gold has more range and adjustability than traditional hunting moveable sights. The Ascent sight head is on a vertical dovetail so you can zero it out at the top range of the “Dial-of-Death.” This way you’ll be able to instantly put your sight to a pre-set distance of choice without looking or when in the dark. Exclusive top mounted SkyCoil gathers 300% more light making Pure pins the brightest available. The PhotoChromatic Shell automatically adjusts, giving you perfect pin brightness regardless of light conditions. The Level Head sight ring is one of the easiest, most secure levels available. If you have ever adjusted a sight level, you know how frustrating finicky, difficult-to-adjust levels can be. The Level Head sight ring on an Ascent Verdict features a pre-installed level that is far easier to adjust and much more secure. Plus, the level can be customized to fit into the top of the ring, away from your pins. The Verdict also features a new 45° faceplate that lets you read your sight tape from any angle. The indicator needle is more precise, better protected and indexable for easy re-sighting should your set up change. The streamlined, vertical adjustment Y-beam is stronger and quieter than previous models. A splined vertical drive gear increases durability by 80% and provides a quieter, more solid feel!

In order to make split second sight adjustments, Black Gold developed the “Dial-of-Death,” an adjustment system which gives target sight accuracy to bowhunters. The dial has a SureGrip knob and 80% more surface interference for smoother operation and no gear burnout.