Bear Archery Escalate Compound Bow 1


The Bear Archery Escalate Compound Bow is a technology packed 31″ axle-to-axle bow that offers insane performance at an unbeatable price. The Escalate features Bear’s EKO cam technology and accuracy enhancing vibration reduction system.

This top tier bow receives Bear’s killer wave limb dampeners and a vibration eliminating string stop to further cut down on post shot hand shock. The Escalate offers astonishing speeds up to 339 FPS and accommodates shooters with draw lengths from 26″ to 30″.

The Escalate Grizgrip offers shooters a comfortable and relaxed hold on the performance engineered riser. The 4.1 pound mass weight along with 6.5″ brace height make the Escalate nimble and manageable in both spot and stalk or tree stand scenarios. Take your bowhunting to a new level this year and experience the Bear Archery Escalate.


-EKO technology allows for custom let off with 75%, 80%, 85%, and 90% let off positions
-Custom grips with the Grizgrip
-Vibration reduction system helps stabilize riser vibration by up to 25%
-KillewrWave limb dampening technology
-Performance bargain with class leading speeds