Anschutz 1710 XLR HB Bolt Action Rimfire Rifle 22 Long Rifle 18″ Barrel Blued and Black Chassis


Anschutz target rifles are world-renowned for their solid design, functional safety, and unsurpassed shooting performance. The Anschutz target bolt action, which is also used in the Anschutz hunting rimfire repeater, dominates at national and international competitions, including the Olympic Games and the World Championships in the small bore rifle disciplines. This unsurpassed precision which is implemented in the Anschutz repeaters makes it your reliable partner in the tactical disciplines. The purchase of this repeaters means that you acquire a masterpiece of its class. The robust aluminum stock is equipped with a fast length adjustment. This offers you the opportunity to change the length of the stock in a few seconds over a push button at the bottom on the rear stock.


  • 18″ barrel
  • Tactical-Lite buttstock
  • Adjustable cheek piece
  • 10 round magazine
  • Recoil pad
  • 5110 two stage trigger, extended magazine release, threaded 1/2″x28″