AMS Retriever Pro Bowfishing Reel


The Legendary Reel that started it all has now been packed with even more fish catching features. The Retriever Pro is a proven reel that is fast, simple to use and provides zero drag for longer and deeper shots. It is stronger, lighter and more corrosion resistant than its predecessor. The telescoping clamp allows this reel to be quickly adjusted for varying sized hands. The reel also offers more clearance for those arrow rest that protrude farther than normal. The AMS Retriever Pro has no bail to release or button to push before the shot, offering zero drag and exceptional line control in a fast, simple reel. The retriever takes only minutes to learn and provides a lifetime of excitement!

The heavy-duty brass gear and pinion, aluminum trigger, composite housing and stainless steel fasteners and a UV rated, unbreakable bottle ensures long life in fresh or salt water. The Retriever Pro features a telescoping clamp for easy, tool-free adjustment and a built in arrow holder for easy arrow transport and storage. The Retriever Pro also features Hi Vis Orange 200# Braided Dacron Line and the AMS Trigger Guard that ensures excess line will not catch on the trigger. The retriever mounts to the sight holes on the riser of the bow and is an ideal choice for both beginner and advancer archers.

Note: Mounting hardware included.


-Telescoping clamp for easy, tool-free adjustment
-Loaded with 25 yd of 200 lb hi vis orange braided dacron
-Great in fresh or salt water
-Offset mounting bracket for increased riser clearance
-Integrated Telescoping Clamp and Arrow Quiver